Revolutionizing the way people drive and maintain their cars !

XGear is the only thing you will ever need
for your vehicle again !
XGear opens countless possibilities for better driving/fuel efficiency/maintenance, XGear is ideal for consumers and fleet managers to regain control over their vehicles; we believe you should have complete access to your vehicles data. We enable your vehicle to communicate with you to deliver information only your mechanic knows.
    Prevent unnecessary wear and tear and unexpected breakdowns by knowing exactly and when your vehicle should be sent off for routine maintenance.
Trip Summary
  • Detailed trip history
  • Startup / Shutdown times
  • Idling times
Fuel Management
    Reduce fuel costs by upto 10% by optimizing driving style and reducing idle time.
Live Tracking
  • Driver actions
  • Car performance
  • Incidents
Behaviour Monitoring
    Receive automatic alerts and coaching based on your driving to help reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Your vehicles data port can be found underneath the drivers dashboard in 8 possible locations, simply plug the device in and you are good to go, every vehicle manufactured after 1996 has one !!

Ultra Responsive on all platforms !
Our Team
We are a small team trying to change the world, we believe a few great people can make a big difference. We strive to hire the very best – people who are passionate, thoughtful and creative.
Ahmed Khalid
Kamran Shahid
Usman Khawaja
Usman Khalid
Creative Head
Brian Thompson
VP Sales
Awais Masood
Director Australia
Idris Kothari
Kevin Langley

What people are saying about us
"Aside from analyzing data and extracting and sharing insights with the car owner to improve driving habits, save on fuel, and extend the life of the car, the company is working to develop a social gaming experience on top of the technology."

"One Step Solutions’ xGear – a device that plugs into any car and provides the owner with useful data."

"XGear helps you in keeping your vehicle in top notch condition, provides you behavior analysis by using engine data it can tell a lot about your driving style and at what efficiency the car is being driven at."

"Emerging Entrepreneurs “One Step Solutions” - xGear is an application of cars that converts an ordinary car into smart car."

"XGear is the company’s solution to bringing this spectacularly useful component of your life, called a car closer to you !"

"This Pakistani Startup is defining innovation and doing the base work for their amazing idea, One Step Solutions can be responsible for smarter cars around the world and can evolve into a force to be reckoned."


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